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Install Skype, create a user account, and add a friend to your contacts list.

Click the Video Call button to initiate a video chat.

Even someone who doesn’t use Hangouts or Talk probably has a Google account by now.

On the web, Hangouts can be accessed from Gmail or Google .

Skype is huge — especially among “normal people” who are slow to adopt new technology, many people use Google Talk and Android phones, and there are a huge number of Apple devices out there.

Services like try to get around this by offering easy setup of video chats without any user accounts required, but anything that requires you and your friends sign up for a new service has an uphill battle ahead of it.

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You’ll see an error if that person hasn’t set up Face Time with their Apple ID.We can now even video chat from almost anywhere thanks to smartphones with data connections.Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have built-in front-facing cameras, so video chat is within reach of practically everyone.Many people use Skype, so it’s a great option for video-chatting.Skype isn’t only available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs — it’s also available for Android phones and tablets, i Phones, i Pads, and many other devices.Sure, you could install the open-source Ekiga tool and use SIP to initiate a video chat, but there’s the additional challenge of making your friends use a new service — not to mention the firewall and port-forwarding issues involved with SIP clients.


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